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Stef and the City

What Singles Want?


Are you single?  If you live in the US, there is a 44% chance that you are, according to I bet you anything that as a single person you already have the list of “must haves” for your potential partner. According to recent survey the top “must haves” for women and men are respect, trust, sense of humor and good communication. However, men emphasize more on physical attractiveness- of course, whereas women prefer their date to share the same values. Woman making decision

Even though it is a good idea do have a “must have’ list, we here suggest that sometime by having a list of characteristics limits you and you miss on great opportunities. Check out the article “Must Love Dogs: Throw Away Your Checklist and Meet Mr. Right”



We live in an online age where relationships are constantly changing their dynamics and “Like” on Facebook is almost as relevant and cool as paying someone a compliment when you see them in person. Therefore more than a third of the people would cancel a date due to information they found while researching their date. The most easily available information is the one you post on your social networks, so keep in mind how people might perceive you- almost 45% of people will research you on Facebook before going on a date. Not only that, but Facebook is the reason that 6% of the relationships in 2013 have broken up due to posts or pictures their partner has posted.  Even after breakups, it seems harder to let go of digital emotions that are connected to your “ex” on all the social networks. According to article “Facebook is making breakups sadder”, Facebook is the reason breakups nowadays are harder considering the fact that they are literally just a click away from you.    


Nowadays, what singles consider important is shifting and makes me happy to see that there is still hope for meaningful relationships based on trust and respect. However, as more relationships are becoming so called “superficial” and your online presence is judged in less than 10 sec according to, you need to make sure that your digital profile is impeccable. The “Chicago Intoductionista” Stef Safran knows what does it take to revitalize not only your social life but also your online presence to help you find that perfect match. Check us out and fill in our form at, so we can better facilitate your personal need. It’s as easy and you have nothing to lose.

Happy Dating!

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