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Stef and the City


Tom, age 38
“I met Stef where she spoke at a Chicago Young Professional’s party in 2010. She set me up with two other matches that didn’t turn into romance but the 3rd time was a charm! It took time for her to find the right match, but clearly it was worth the wait!”

Rebecca, age 33
“I heard of Stef through another woman who had met her years ago on a singles trip. I had just moved to Chicago and she suggested I try this out. I thought I might be a hard type to match up but Stef assured me that she would keep her eyes out for me. Three months later, she introduced me to Tom and it was an instant connection! I’m glad I understood the waiting process to find the right one!”

Michael, age 52
“I heard of Stef through Yelp and she was able to introduce me to quality women, although at first no one turned into a relationship. She gave me some advice as to things I might be doing wrong. A year later, one of the women she introduced me to (who I thought was out of my league) reconnected with me and we are now in a relationship!”

Hadley, age 41
“Stef and I met through a networking party. We connected in both business and I decided to use her service. I went on several dates and one of the men she thought was the right match for me, I initially dated someone else. After that relationship broke up, I realized Stef was right and contacted the guy and we are now in a relationship!”

Michael, age 27
“Stef introduced herself to me at a networking event. I told her if I met someone I would send her tons of referrals. Sure enough, my 1st date she set me up with lasted 8 hours and resulted in a woman I happily in a relationship with for the past two years. I have sent Stef many referrals since then!”

Katie, age 26
“Stef overheard me complaining to my friends at lunch that I was from the area but couldn’t meet quality guys. She gave me her card, but I realized I wasn’t ready to really date until I got my career in order. Three months later we reconnected and she assured me she would be keeping her eyes out for me. I was concerned that anyone she might find would be a lot older than me, but she told me that she would take my criteria seriously. Sure enough a month later she had a guy she had met for me and we have been in a relationship for two years!”

Neil, age 44

“Stef and I met when I was first getting a divorce. She coached me to get back out there and when I was ready, she started setting me up on dates. She told me that patience was part of the process to wait for the RIGHT people. Sure enough, when she set me up, I met a woman that lived a few blocks away, was divorced like myself and we hit it off. I think Stef works hard to give her clients good feedback and wants them to succeed, even if it means that we have to wait to get the RIGHT matches.”

Social Calendar 

Rachel, age 37
“In late 2010 I hired Stefanie for her social calendar services. She was highly recommended from an article written about her and her company Stef and the City and I knew why immediately when we met. She is extremely personable and has a great personality, really listened to what I was wanting and made great suggestions I was happy with and also delivered on time. She was very creative in putting the calendar together with great fun events as she really has a pulse on what is going on socially and getting to know her you learn she really wants to help people achieve their social goals with her talents.”

Sam, age 22
“I was new to the city since I had been living out in the suburbs. Stef was able to help me establish what places I should go to to meet people my own age as well as ways to establish myself professionally. I would definitely recommend trying a social calendar through her!”


Dating Coaching 

Whitney, age 26
“Stef told me that I should maximize my opportunities and make efforts in areas that I wasn’t always comfortable in. Thanks to her, I have made new friends and we are going to places to meet guys and I have been dating!”

Amber, age 32
“I wanted to meet someone and Stef looked at my profile and realized that I was missing opportunities in my daily life and not giving online dating a chance. After Stef and I set up a plan, I ended up dating four different guys and able to chose who I wanted to be with, after being in a dating dry spell for 1 ½ years!”

Brian, age 35
“I met Stef at an event in 2010 and came to her in 2012 for help with dating. Having Stefanie’s feedback has been a really eye opening and empowering experience.”

David, age 51
“After my divorce, I was lost on how to go out there again. After finding Stef on Yelp, I decided to give coaching a try. She keeps me on my toes by making me make efforts that in my daily life I would often complain I was too busy to do. She helped me with my online efforts and now that I have been tracking my dates, I see things that she tells me to avoid and things that I need work on. Thanks to her, I have been meeting women that I feel are the right fits for me.”

Stef and the City Romantic Couple