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Stef and the City

Social Calendar

Create Your Own Personalized Social Calendar with the help of Stef and the City!

  • Did you just move to Chicago?
  • Do you not have anyone to go with you to events anymore?
  • Did you just make a major life change?
  • Are you in the same old routine week after week not meeting anyone new?
  • Are you finding it harder to meet quality people to date?
  • Are you being proactive and maximizing your time?
  • Do you complain to friends that you don’t know where to go to meet people?

If you are looking for professional, attractive white collar men and women– the bars are the WRONG place to be investing your time in!

  • Are you looking for people who are a specific religion but are not religious?
  • Are you spending more time on Facebook looking at people’s lives rather than figuring out WHERE you need to be?
  • Do you need help finding what the RIGHT events and people for you?
  • Do you need someone to give you that PUSH to get going?
  • Be your own matchmaker!  Be proactive to meet the people you have been looking to meet!
  • It only gets harder as you get older, so invest your time NOW in our affordable personalized social calendar when you have the best chance of being around people your own age !
  • Do you need a way to have NEW friends to go out with and enjoy fun activities?

This is why a personalized social calendar is for you!

Your time is valuable. Use it wisely.

We can help you get your social calendar filled with events, groups and new friends that will bring you the social life you always wanted!

We know what you are looking for: and it can be hard to “weed” through everything to know which groups have people for you to meet including: the right age groups, backgrounds and activities you are looking for!

We create a personalized social plan for you that is personalized so that it fits what you want as we work with your budget and your needs.

Life isn’t about sitting around waiting for matches or fix ups, it’s about getting out there and maximizing your time!

We deal with SIX important categories:

  1. Networking; it’s not just for business anymore!
  2. Charity Events/Volunteering; do you know how to find the right places to go to?
  3. Exercise; the cool classes and gyms; some have NO long term commitments!
  4. Social and Single Sports Leagues; have you tried one lately?
  5. Classes; for learning and self-improvement
  6. Singles Events; have us find the ones that are best for you!
  • Are you strategic about how you spend your time?
  • Do you have an action plan to meet people?
  • There IS a simple way to get results without wasting time!
  • Let us help you and do the work for you!

We are the experts: We have been featured on CBS2, ABC7, WGN9, NBC5, “You and Me This Morning”, “Windy City Live” The Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times, Time Out Chicago and more talking about places to go and how to meet people!


Sam, age 22
“I was new to the city since I had been living out in the suburbs. Stef was able to help me establish what places I should go to to meet people my own age as well as ways to establish myself professionally. I would definitely recommend trying a social calendar through her!”


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