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Stef and the City

Date Coaching: One-on-One

Date Coaching With Stef and the City

Date coaching can be the solution to help you meet and keep the people you have been hoping to find!

  • Do you keep picking the SAME unavailable people over and over again, thinking that you are not attracted to the right people?
  • Are you approachable or have you been told you are intimidating?
  • Do you have certain patterns of behavior that hurt your chances of meeting someone?
  • Do you use all available resources to help you meet someone?
  • Do you know how to read body language including the people you date and your own?
  • Do you have dating anxiety?
  • Do you worry about if you make a good first impression?
  • Do you get too physical too quickly when you meet someone you really like?
  • Have you been told you are “too nice”?
  • Do you feel that all the good guys/girls are taken?
  • Do you need to know where to go to meet professional, educated and attractive singles?
  • Do you need help with your small talk skills?
  • Do you pick the wrong people?
  • Do you just expect to bump into the one? (And it hasn’t happened!)
  • Do you have trouble getting that elusive 2nd date?
  • Do you need to understand the “ever changing” rules of dating?
  • Do you know the difference between on and off line dating these days?

Date coaching is for ALL ages and can help you navigate the difficult waters of dating and understand how to get the results YOU want!

We have several different packages that have plans that can help you, depending on YOU and the goals you hope to achieve!

We can HELP you with our various Date Coaching packages. We can do sessions on Skype and in person, so you do NOT have to be in Chicago to work with us!

Other additional One-on-One services: Faux Dating

Do you need practice on how to date? “Faux dates” are practice dates to learn about your first impression and why you are not getting that second date!

Recently divorced? Are you coming off of a long term relationship and unsure how dating has changed? The rules in dating whether you are 22 or 62 can be confusing. To help get you out there we have our “Faux” date option!

An extension of Dating Coaching, “Faux” dates provide you with the real world practice you need to know what questions to answer and what questions to avoid in the beginning stages of dating. We prepare you for those tough and inappropriate questions! Go out and be confident about dating, even if you haven’t been out there in years!

We have a people who are there to ask you questions and Stef will let you know if you pass or fail the date after it’s over!


Whitney, age 26

“Stef told me that I should maximize my opportunities and make efforts in areas that I wasn’t always comfortable in. Thanks to her, I have made new friends and we are going to places to meet guys and I have been dating!”