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Stef and the City

Casting Calls

These are a sample of calls for singles from our database. Keep in mind we have MANY more – these are only a SAMPLE! We deal with people of MANY different age groups from 22-60’s!!! If you think any of these people may be your match- please contact us! These are just some samples of the people we currently are doing searches for! To apply let us know the match # and fill out a CONTACT US form with the Casting Number.

We would LOVE for you to be one of our many success stories!

Men Casting Call: Women

Men, are you tired of not meeting the right women? Take a look of the some of the great women that might be a great fit for you!

1. Match #D32:  Are you sporty? This girl LOVES to watch sports, a true guy’s dream! This 5’7” Catholic, Polish, blonde cutie has her career in order and loves to do physical activity. She is 32 years old and wants to find someone who can keep up with her bubbly energy! She is looking for Caucasian men ages 29-38 who want a girl who likes the NFL and want a serious relationship!

2. Match #J25: Smart, pretty and brunette and blue eyed? This Special Ed teacher is out and about and loves to try new things! Caucasian guys 28-35 who can keep up should apply! This woman knows how to multi-task and keeps herself busy with an array of activities!

3. Match #A32: Did you grow up in a small city? This petite attorney did and would love to find someone who knows what it’s like! This browned eyed beauty would like to meet Caucasian or African American men between the ages of 28-38. She will accompany you to sports events! How can you pass her up?

4. Match #J32: This 32 year old Asian women packs a lot of energy into her 5’1″ 105 lb. frame. She’s a football fan and is learning how to rock climb. Could you be her match? Caucasian and Asian men ages 30-40, please apply.

5. Match #M27: This 1/2 Italian, 1/2 Norwegian and Russian women is an extreme athlete! She’s 27, lives in the city, a school counselor. She is looking for men who are 27-34 and can keep up with her energy!

Ladies Casting Call: Men

1. Match #R28: SUBURBAN  AND TALL LADIES: women ages 26-32, I have a 6’5″  28 year old cute bachelor who has just moved back from NY and is looking for someone that he can live a more midwestern life with. He currently lives in McHenry county and is looking for a series relationship and loves kids! Tall ladies please apply!

2. SPECIAL CASTING CALL: JEWISH AND NON RELIGIOUS women ages 26-34 in shape, living in the city we are  always looking for you! We have great men available! Please contact us!

3. FOR 30- 40’s SOMETHING: Match #J48: Caucasian Suburban divorced ladies with kids ages 38-48, we are looking for you! Jewish background a plus! Are you looking for someone who is a true gentleman with tons of energy? This 5’10” 180lbs. guy is into martial arts, fine restaurants, travel and is family guy and looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage.

4. Match #A46: Caucasian and Hispanic ladies, this good looking tall dark haired gentleman is 6’0” 185lbs., he loves to try new restaurants, enjoys fishing and international travel! City and suburban ladies ages 25-33 who want children and marriage, please apply!

5.  INDIANA JONES: Match #K40: This attractive 40 year old Caucasian guy is 6’0″ 180lbs. and has his own business and loves to be on the go. You must be open to being in both Indiana and Chicago, be Caucasian and between the ages of 30-42.

6. FOR THE 50 SOMETHING CITY OR SUBURBAN WOMEN: Match #B53: Are you divorced with kids or just didn’t end up having kids? This 5’8″ 150 lbs. Caucasian gentleman is keeping busy with going to restaurants, cultural events, and spending time with his daughter. Ladies Caucasian or Asian, ages 45-56 please apply!

7. Match #D28: This tall blonde haired gentleman has a great sense of humor and can be a bit sarcastic! He’s 28, 6’1″ 170lbs. and great blonde hair! If you live in the city or near northern suburbs are Caucasian; Christian or Catholic, want kids and between the ages of 26-34 contact us!

8. Match #D39: Caucasian or Asian ladies; this 39 year old CPA loves to call Chicago his home. He’s 5’10” 160lbs., runs, enjoys cultural events and wants to check out Chicago; you could you be his match! Ladies 32-40 who are looking for marriage and kids (One child already, no problem!), please apply!

9. FOR THE 60 somethings: Match P75: This 5’10” Caucasian business owner is widow and wants to find a nice companion! He is extremely well traveled, has grown children and loves to keep busy. How about having a fun for the 2nd half of your life!  Women in their 60-70’s please apply!

10. Match #B49: Very athletic, Polish, divorced Dad of one, wants someone for a serious relationship. He is 49, 6’0″ 175lbs., has great hair, lives in the city and is open to new experiences! Ladies of all ethnicities ages 40-52 should apply!

11. Match #S33: Are you a fan of international travel? This  33 year old 5’10” 170lbs. Southern gentleman with brown haired gentleman is! He likes to work hard and play hard. If you are in shape, Caucasian, ages 25-33, live in the city and want kids, please apply!

12. Match #T37: This 37 year old 5’11” 180lbs. has lived all over the US, but now he wants to stay in Chicago as it’s his kind of town! He has a lot of hotel points and wants to find a woman to travel and settle down with; could this be you? Caucasian women ages 28-36, please apply.


GAY MEN: We do have connections to a matchmaking service that we could have your match! Please apply to us on our CONTACT US section and we will help connect you!


HOW TO APPLY: Please fill out a form on our CONTACT US section and mention the number you are applying for or contact us at

WOMEN IN OTHER CITIES: We are looking for you!


Please see below and maybe you or a friend is right for one of the matches in another state!

1. Los Angeles: Orange County Bachelor:
Korean gentleman, 5’10”, 155 lbs. age 36: athletic build, great hair and great teeth! Loves to workout (Crossfit, weight lifting, boxing and more!), read, plays piano, into personal development, hard working Type A guy with a sense of humor.

Looking for women 22-33 who love to workout, like to beach, wants marriage and a family. Dark haired women need to apply!

2. San Francisco Bachelor:
Jewish bachelor, 6’0″, 165 lbs., age 40: Well educated, well traveled Jewish guy looking to settle down for marriage and children. He is artistic, confident, loves water polo, swimming, diving (anything water related).

Looking for women 26-33, must be Jewish, in shape, intelligent, career oriented, down to earth and like to travel.

3. Tri-Coastal: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago Bachelor:
Jewish bachelor, 6’1″ in great shape, age 44: Financially savy guy looking to find his match.

Looking for women 28-38 Jewish or non for marriage and kids.