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Stef and the City


  •  What types of people use an introduction service?
    •  People of all ages and interests use our introduction service. Specifically, clients who use Stef and the City are serious about being active in the dating world, but are either too busy or just not looking in the right areas to meet someone special. People who use us are committed, sincere, and eager towards their future in dating someone that fits what they are looking for.
    • Our database has people that are attractive and are high quality professionals! You would probably be surprised with the people these days that would be using an introduction service! Remember when started? Now, many people will ADMIT that they have used some sort of dating service to meet people- so now think of the people who must come to us!
  • Is this confidential?
    • Absolutely! This is an off-line service! We take our client’s privacy very seriously which is why we have very strict rules on our expectations and behavior from the client we chose to work with.
  • Do you work with a particular demographic?
    • We cater to the college educated, white collar professional.
    • We cater to various ethnicities and religions.
    • Our main demographic are single (divorced, widowed and never married) from ages 22-65. However, we also work with people as young as  in their 60’s!
  • How do you meet people for your service?
    • First, we rely on word of mouth- we get great referrals from happy clients! We also meet people through advertising, events, friends, and just by us meeting people who seem attractive and turn out to be single! We are no different than someone else going out there and trying their luck- but we get the best people because of how we are OUT there- in a variety of places and ways. We have new people coming into our database EVERYDAY.
    • Second, how do you meet the people you date? Think about what one person can do and realize that with our social media presence, our staff and our web site- we are available to “meet” people 24/7!
  • What makes Stef and the City different from all of the other introduction services out there? 
    • Stef takes her business seriously and is passionate! She has been in the dating world for over ten years. She started working in the dating world at her job casting for The Dating Game in Los Angeles, Stef quickly was able to see casting first hand.  Stef later worked with a “Millionaire Match” like dating agency in Chicago and was a “Wing Man” in another introduction company and saw what worked and what didn’t in matching people together.
    • Once Internet dating took over, she knew that there were people still not meeting the right people- she wanted to find a solution by having a company that was AFFORDABLE and catered to what most people want- no hard sell. We will take on both shorter and longer term contracts- therefore giving us the best chance to get the RIGHT mix of people in our service.


  • How much do you charge?
    • We are boutique agency and not everyone who applies will become a client. We know that it’s important that we are vetting people that are the RIGHT people to have to represent our service! Our packages are designed to be affordable for the great professionals we work with! Once we determine eligibility, and that it will be a great fit to work with us, we will disclose our fees in our in person meeting. Our rates are very reasonable and in line with with standard personalized matchmaking firms.


  • Can I sign my son/daughter or friend up?
    • We’re excited that you want to help them out, but we do need the actual person who will be using the service to contact us and fill out our 5 minute form which you can find here.


  • What if I’m not quite ready to meet someone, should I apply now or wait until I am ready?
    • We encourage you to fill out the form so we can get your basic information, so that when you are ready, we can be ready to get you started! Remember that any good job can take time to find, so why not put yourself out there now, because when you are ready, you’ve got our team ready to help you!


  • How does this work once I fill out the application form? 
    • Once you fill out the form we will get back to you about next steps within 10 business days.
    • We will go over our service in detail so you will not be left with ANY questions.


  • How will you know my “type” if it’s a blind fix up?
    • We think that in person discussions about what our clients are looking for garner the best results. We also recommends that you send us pictures of past relationships to help us look for physical qualities so we understand your “type”.


  • Why is it important to give feedback after the date?
    • If we don’t know both sides of how things went, we can’t make an assessment to better help both parties. While we try and know our clients, we are not on the date and we want to help people recognize any behaviors that may hurt them in the process.
    • On the flip side, when things go really well, we want to know as well! Our ultimate goal is to help our clients find great introductions and bring the FUN back in the dating process!


  • What are Stef and the City’s success rates?
    • The clients that listen to us get in relationships on a REGULAR basis!
    • We have lots of couples who can verify that they met and got married through us!
    • Majority of our clients that buy our services (and that listen to us!) end up in happy, committed relationships!
    • We do not promise marriage; we make you realistic promises; isn’t that what you want?
    • We are happy to report that around 50% of our clients go on at least a second date and of the remaining 50%, 25% tend to become actual friends and again bring more possibilities into their social circle!

What do you have to lose? Even if you aren’t ready TODAY to date, without giving us your “resume” we can’t find people for you tomorrow!  Please fill out a questionnaire for Stef and the City TODAY!

To get our initial questionnaire, please click HERE.